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The term boudoir is a word with dual translations—as a noun, it’s a lady’s bedroom, and as a verb, it means to pout in French—and boudoir photo shoots draw on both definitions. Photographers frequently combine the lacy underthings and silky sheets of a bedchamber with coquettish poses filtered through a dreamy, soft focus. But although it’s most commonly associated with corset-clad women draped across a velvet chaise longue, the realm of boudoir has come to embrace everything from the beauty of the pregnant form to the rediscovered femininity of a breast-cancer survivor.

Different settings, equipment, outfits, and occasions breed infinite variability into boudoir photography, but certain rules of thumb can help subjects get ready for their date with the lens. Although some pre-shoot primping—such as mani-pedis, false eyelashes, and hairstyling appointments—can pay big dividends, we discourage preparatory tanning and are particularly wary of spray tanning, as the camera and lights can exaggerate any orange tint in the tanning solution. Instead, we recommend an all-over application of lotion or moisturizer before hitting the set.

When it comes to wardrobe, the famously slimming properties of black and other dark hues can help minimize certain parts of the body, whereas white and lighter colors can have the opposite effect. Regardless of what’s worn during the shoot, we ask clients to arrive wearing loose clothing to prevent straps and seams leaving marks on the skin.

As a husband and wife team, we strive to provide a private, comfortable, and relaxing experience for our clients.  To accomplish this, we offer a private two hour session in our studio, ten digital images, a private online viewing album with cropping and standard editing, and two 8x10 prints or one 11x14 print of your favorite shot.  If desired, we will fully edit the final images that you select, flexing our Photoshop skills as we edit each of those selections, erasing flaws and enhancing natural features to create high quality, alluring images, but additional charges will apply for this level of editing.  We ask that our clients arrive hair and makeup ready with several different outfit options to work with. We want your photos to be unique, so we ask that you bring your own wardrobe; clothing that you're comfortable with, rather than wearing something off the studio rack that may or may not fit your taste and body type.

A recent boudoir client had this to say about her experience with us: “Having boudoir photos done by David and Mandy was the best decision ever! They have a cute little studio in this beautiful old building. Their backgrounds were perfect. They made me feel at ease and as a shy woman, I loved that Mandy was there with David. The photo book that I received for my husband was phenomenal. High quality and the photos were fantastic. Can’t say enough good things about this photographer regarding boudoir photos. If you are on the fence about getting them done, make an appointment with David and Mandy and doooooo iiiittt! You won’t regret capturing this very moment in your life.”

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