Tuesday, April 16th 2013

What began last Sunday as a short road trip to Elma, WA to photograph the abandoned Satsop Nuclear Power Plant ended up with a wonderful bonus. There is an app available on the iphone called Roadside America that shows offbeat roadside attractions in a given area, or using your GPS location, what's nearby.  It showed the Kurt Cobain Memorial Park in Aberdeen, and that sounded worthy of checking out. Once we finally found it, it seemed like a nice memorial in a small park by a bridge where he liked to spend time when he lived there.  There is an interesting concrete guitar, a plaque, a bench or two and a nice view of the river. The best part, that wasn't mentioned in app's description, and which I would have overlooked had it not been for a friendly golden retriever leading me down the river bank and under the bridge, was the most wonderful graffiti tribute to Kurt and his music I could have ever imagined. As I found myself immersed in the artwork, I didn't even notice the dog leave, but I will always be grateful he was there to show me the way! I'm working on the images now and will be adding another page to the portfolio dedicated to this amazing artwork tribute.