What should I expect when I arrive?


Not everyone has a professional photographer take their pictures every day! As a portrait photographer, we often forget that what seems so natural to us is a rare ritual for families, seniors, and other individuals who book a photo session.

Please arrive 5 - 10 minutes early for your session. Being on time is important as we may have other clients scheduled after you. If you arrive late we'd hate to have to cut your session short and cut down on your final selection of images.

When you arrive we'll take a few minutes to take care of any remaining paperwork and last minute details of your session and go over any special photo requests or needs you have, and then get shooting!

We will do lots of different poses, backgrounds, and walk around our location (if applicable) to get new perspectives. We'll try to keep things relaxed, talk about you and your family, and try not to make it all about posing or stiff smiles. We like to capture the candid moments just as much as the smiling-at-the-camera moments.  We're happy to accommodate any fun posing ideas you have, or any props you’d like to incorporate. At the end of the session, we'll answer any last questions and then we’re all finished!

Should I do my own hair and makeup?

We suggest visiting a stylist prior to your session, making sure to let them know you're headed to a studio photo shoot. Of course you can do your own hair and makeup, but please be mindful that everything shows up in camera so be sure to use product on your hair to control any frizziness or fly-aways. We'd also recommend a matte foundation and avoid makeup that's too "shimmery or sparkly". As some of of our sessions go long, please make sure to bring along extra powder, lipstick, and hairspray for touch-ups.

What should I bring to my session? What should I wear?

Depending on the length and nature of your session we'd suggest bringing several different outfits as well as accessories like hats, jewelry, scarves, etc... Feel free to bring along props if they're relevant to the theme of your session, for example, if you are a graduating senior and you want to bring athletic gear, or toys for a children's session.

Seniors: It’s best to bring along both dressy and more casual outfits so you have a good variety. Layers are your friend. We also recommend wearing neutral colors with small pops of color in your accessories. You should avoid wearing too bright of colors and patterns all over. Neutral colors will remain timeless and fashionable for years to come. That way you won’t be showing your senior pictures to your kids one day and thinking, “What was I wearing?” Overall, wear something that represents who you are and something that you like to wear.  

Families: Dressing for family photos is about coordinating, not necessarily matching. Choose 2-4 colors, some neutral, some brighter, and mix and match them among family members. If you need help on this, Pinterest is a treasure trove of ideas and information.

Couples/Engagements sessions: Like family photos, it’s about coordinating. With engagement and couple’s sessions, you’ll probably want two or three outfits, some dressy and some casual. Choose something you would normally wear and your personalities and love will shine through.

Is your studio ADA accessible, and how do I get in if the exterior doors are locked?


Yes our building is ADA accessible, but keep in mind that we are located in the historic Providence Academy Building in Downtown Vancouver, WA on the 3rd floor.  As this is an old and unique building, there are several entrances into the building only one of which is ADA accessible, located on the NE side of the building. There is elevator access to each floor, but it is small and will only accommodate an average size wheelchair or a small scooter. If you feel the elevator won’t accommodate you, give us a call and we can make other arrangements.

During the building's business hours, you can access our suite through all entrances EXCEPT the North Tower entrance. That entrance only accesses a small part of the building.  Also the West entrance only has stair access. All of the exterior doors are locked after 5:00pm and on the weekends.  If your appointment is during those times, please go the LARGE NORTH SIDE ENTRANCE (facing 12th Street) and enter the door code that was in your confirmation email. If you have any difficulty just give us a call and we’ll come let you in. Look for our sign at the top of the porch.

Can I bring my friends and family with me?

Yes, having your own personal cheerleader can be helpful, however, please try to limit your support staff to one or two people as our studio space is limited and too many people can turn into a big distraction.

If you are thinking about a session that includes your dog please know that we only work with small breeds of dogs in studio and require a pet fee of $25. The owner assumes all responsibility for damage to the building, studio, or equipment. If you have a larger breed of dog we will need to arrange for an outdoor session during times of the year when the weather is most likely cooperative.

Can I bring my dog?

How long does it take to get the proofs from my session?

Proofs are usually available to view in 7-14 days. If you are in a rush we can move you to the "front of the line", but additional fees will apply.

How do I view my proofs and make my selections?

Proofs are available in a private online gallery. We will send you an email with the link to view them when they're ready. Attached to the email will be an order form where you can make your selections and order additional images or prints.

If I buy additional digital images or prints how do I pay for them?

We will email you an invoice via Square for any additional services, digital images, or prints; and you may make your payment online.

I don't see any wedding packages. Do you photograph weddings?

Since your wedding is one of the biggest events in your life, we feel that it requires more of a personal approach and we want to put together a unique package built around your specific needs. Please contact us for a personalized quote.