A few helpful wardrobe ideas for your boudoir session.

Some of our favorite looks.


The black blazer

Like just about everything else on this list, a black blazer is something that most women already have in their closet. We prefer a more relaxed fit for boudoir photos, but can work with really any fit with proper clipping/pinning.


The white tank top

Wearing one of these with nothing under it, paired with a pair of white underwear is a completely classic, completely cheap look for some really steamy boudoir photos.

00262_March 25, 2017_Kylan.jpg

The oversized sweater

Everyone has an open front sweater, yes? Grab it. Preferably in a neutral color. We can pair it with a cami, a bra + panty, or nothing at all.


The kimono

Kimonos look amazing over basic undergarments or simply as an accessory to a nude figure.  We've had many clients love this look.          

00136_October 23, 2016_Brittany.jpg

The swimsuit

Everyone's got a swimsuit. Be it a bikini or a one-piece, solid colors are best for boudoir. Try pairing a black thong swimsuit with a loose sweater draped off the shoulder... it's the perfect cozy boudoir set!


The t-shirt

If you own nothing else on this list, we know you've got a t-shirt! It can be oversized, baby-sized, crop, off-shoulder... you name it, we can rock it!

00147_August 21, 2016_Jenny.jpg

The men's shirt

We encourage  all our clients to bring at least one men's dress shirt to their session as they can be sexy, and they look amazing on all body types.


The Scarf

Scarves are so versatile, inexpensive, and beautiful. Oftentimes they are a plethora of sheer luxurious looking fabric and are PERFECT for a boudoir shoot.


The sheets

Again with the "no wardrobe necessary", nothing says classic boudoir like a simple "in the sheets" session.

00309_March 25, 2017_Kylan.jpg

The sleep shirt

We love the morning-after look and feel of a sleep shirt in boudoir photos. It can be draped so easily, buttoned / unbuttoned to any degree.

00128_April 22, 2018_Jevaeda-Edit-2.jpg

The jacket

Wearing a coat or jacket of some sort is a popular option for boudoir... leather jackets and fur coasts in particular.

We take our boudoir clients' privacy seriously. The images on this page are either of our clients and used with their written permission, or sourced from public domain and used as examples only.