D. Leonidas Photography Goes Hollywood!

In February of this year we found out that film maker Lance Madzey, and friend and former Portland, OR alternative model, Rhiannon Deidre Mary Harrigan, wanted to use a photo we shot of Rhiannon in 2015 as the basis for the movie poster for their film “The Woman with Centipede Eyes”, an indie horror film Rhiannon shot over the summer in Casper, Wyoming.

We of course were honored and exited to be a part of this project!

Movie Poster.jpg

Here’s an excerpt from recent press the film received in the Oil City News:

CASPER, Wyo. — A new short horror film project shot in Casper brought local talent together with Hollywood power and contributions from people around the country.

It’s called the “The Woman with Centipede Eyes” and director Lance Madzey says that with a few final finishing touches, it should be ready in July.

The script was written by Madzey’s old college roommate Dick Grunert who has worked on shows like “Adventure Time.”

Michael Champion of “Total Recall” fame and Charles Conkin of the film “Red Sky” act alongside Casper’s Rhiannon Harrigan, who says this was her first time acting.

“It’s not common that you can find such unique people from all parts of the country to come together in such a small place like Casper, Wyoming and make such a cool little film,” Harrigan said on Thursday, June 27.

The film is crafted in the Italian “giallo” (meaning yellow) style, in celebration of some of Grunert and Madzey’s favorite horror films.

You can read the entire article here: Casper and Hollywood talent join forces for new Italian-style horror

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